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Welcome to Mills Special Services, where it’s all about the Details in getting what you have Customized, and Transforming it into what YOU want it to be.

Whether it’s incorporating a unique design, modifying the existing, or adding a personalized touch, you came to the right place. By having experience in several different fields, there’s a very good chance that Mills Special Services can help provide you with solutions for your needs that are tailored to suit your particular situation. 

Customized Solutions. Period.




verb: (used with object), cus·tom·ized, cus·tom·iz·ing

To modify or build according to individual or personal specifications or preference: to customize an automobile.

Related forms: customizable-adjective ; customization-noun.

In many cases there’s not much more that can ruin that feeling you have, when you’ve finally bought that vehicle you’ve always been dreaming of, than passing by one exactly like yours on the way home. You wanted to share your newly acquired pride and joy that you worked so hard for, to the rest of your world, but “that guy” already beat you to it. That’s largely due to the fact that mass-production commonly leads to…well, mass boredom. Frankly put: “Stock Sucks”. But, if that suits you, that’s fine too. That’s your prerogative. So…snooze on my friend…you’re in the wrong neck of the inter-webs!

However, if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you typically can’t do it using or doing the same thing everyone else can just go buy off the lot or the shelf. You need to “think outside the parts box” and take action to define your “stuff” as yours.

That definition could come in many different forms, but it almost ALWAYS comes down to the details. And details are where it’s at!

From a simple decal on the window, or a set of stripes, small logos in unexpected places, or making all of the fasteners holding something together all the same type. There’s always a level of detailing that’s “somewhere in between”. The canvas is completely blank. It’s not unusual that sometimes the level of detail that could mean the difference between first and second place.

The beauty of it all is that it’s totally up to you. There’s a very true saying out there that “our vehicles are often an extension of our personalities”. So are you an individual, or are you just one plain nut in a box of 100, in a case of a thousand, on a pallet of 10,000? I’d rather be the only one like it in the world.

Keep in mind that this does not apply only to vehicles…anything can be customized and detailed to the max.  Your phone case, your rifle or handgun, your ammo can, your toolbox, your mailbox, even your toilet seat…you’re only limited by your imagination. Well…sometimes you’re limited by the tools in your toolbox or the knowledge in your noggin on how to go about getting it done. But that is exactly where Mills Special Services can be of value.

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Graphics & Truck Lettering

One form of a Customized Solution, is the use of Vinyl Graphics. From small personalized labels to mailbox numbers, spray paint masking to providing a protective layer, magnetic DOT placards to boat registration numbers, warning signs to business shop window logos, race car number sets to full-spread business info. surrounding an enclosed trailer, the applications are endless and Mills Special Services has you covered.

If you have a need for an adhesive-backed design that’s small-scale, medium- or heavy-duty in size, or some combination of them all, there are affordable options available to you when you need them.

Whether you design it or it’s designed in-house, the end result will be exactly what you are looking for. Existing designs can usually be duplicated as closely as possible in the event you need to repair a graphic already in place. New designs will be honed to perfection based on customer feedback and input.

In most cases, you can bring whatever the graphic is going onto, drop it off, and then pick it up when it’s done. Even wait for it if it’s a smaller job.

Or, if getting it done needs to fit into your hectic schedule that you can’t get away from, quite a bit of work can be done right there on your site. Regardless, flexibility, and satisfaction are always part of the solution.

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Detailing & Metal Polishing

Keeping your “Cool” …”Cool”…can, at most times, be a very laborious chore. The more brightwork and “*Bling*” you have going on, the more work it takes to keep it up to snuff…and the dirtier it seems to get with every mile. It takes a ton of elbow grease to maintain that shine, and the environment is constantly working just as hard against you to make a mess of all that work. Road grime, bug guts, bird bombs, oxidation, and various chemicals all take their toll on your vehicle’s finishes, inside, outside, and everywhere in between.

Mills Special Services can take on the workload of cleaning it up so you don’t have to. With several years of prepping for custom car shows and big-truck trade shows, there’s been a truckload of time spent learning that there’s a BIG difference between “clean” and “detailed”.

If you have an event coming up such as a car show, trade show, or just want to get rid of all the crud from the off-season but need it looking it’s best, there’s a solution for that.

Give it a “true” show car detailing: hand-washed and waxed, buffed, spotless glass, polished brightwork, juicy black rubber, freshened carpets and upholstery. Restore it to like that day it was delivered to you the first time…and bring back that “new car smell”.

And just because it works for a living doesn’t mean it can’t look good doing it. There’s a saying that “image is everything” and nobody wants the vehicles representing their business running around looking neglected.

Big trucks can have a ton of shiny stuff…stuff that doesn’t look very good after a few thousand miles down the road. Most cases, a good cleaning and heavy buffing will bring these parts back to life if they’re not too far gone. Fuel tanks, steps, wheels…if it’s aluminum or stainless steel, it can be polished to a mirror-like finish and look as good as fresh chrome. It’s a rather dirty job that you don’t have to do because the answer is just an email or phone call away.

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